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Tired of the same old party options?

Bring the magic of catching fireflies inside!

Our themed décor and special touches create a unique & memorable experience for the most important people in your life.

Packages Include:


3" Foam mattresses w/ clean sheets

Decorative Pillows

Trays decorated with:

-Name Chalkboards

-Themed Decor

*Guests bring their own sleeping pillow for hygiene reasons.


Weekends (Fri-Sat nights)

2 tents - $135

3 tents - $170

4 tents - $205

5 tents - $240

6 tents - $275

more than 6 - $35 for each additional tent

Each tent requires a 3 1/2ft X 6ft setup space

Mini-Tent Themes

Indoor Parties

Looking for a unique birthday party or special occasion for your little firefly? At Prairie Fireflies, we provide several themed party options for our littlest fireflies. Each package has been carefully designed to ensure they will never forget this night. Browse our options below to find out more.

Camping Minis_9053_edited.jpg
mini tent_edited_edited.jpg


Imagine camping with your best picture that in the comfort and safety of your home


Bringing the vibrant beauty of prairie wildflowers indoors with our bright pink, purple, blue palette


Enjoy the wonder of nature with the warm autumn palette showcasing the changing seasons


Perfect to make your winter celebration even more special with evergreens and traditional red and green decor

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